Friday, June 20, 2008

21 years and counting...

I forgot to mention that during our whirlwind vacation, hubby and I celebrated 21 years of wedded bliss. My friend and her hubby watched all of the kids (poor folks) and we went out to dinner and a movie. It was heavenly.

Of course I get a kick out of students who ask me how long I have been married and then ask me if it was all to the same person. It is!

I'm Back!

It's been a whirlwind few weeks.

We went on vacation to Jekyll Island, Georgia, one of my favorite places! We meet my best friend and her family and as she puts it, "for a week, it's all about the kids!" And is it ever. We were so tired when we were leaving that we could hardly walk. Too much fun!

We played on the beach; we waded in the ocean; we colored our flashlights red with Sharpies; we walked late at night and searched for sea turtles; we walked earlier in the day just to walk on the beach; we looked for birds; we looked for reptiles; we looked for mammals; we found them all! We went to the water park; we went shopping; we drove through the historic district to ogle the beautiful mansions; the guys fished; we ate fresh, local, wild-caught, Georgia SHRIMP by the guilt-free pound-full; we collected sea shells; we dug up live whelks, etc. and observed them and threw them back; we laughed and talked and told stories; we played frisbee; we watched movies. It was a BLAST! Most of all, we talked about all of the other things that we wanted to do but didn't have time for (mini golf, the playground, St. Simon's Island, the lighthouse, Christ Church, the Wesley cross; Fort Frederica and so much more).

Anyway, we are home and recovering!

By the way, I am back on, the best frugal dieting idea ever! I will blog about my weight loss and health journeys there. You can check it out at