Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Latest

Well, DS12 has been running a fever. Just a virus, but he is miserable.
DS10 is just getting over the virus, but his comes with horrible asthma attacks.
Now hubby is coming down with it.

My CT scan came back normal and with no congestion (huh?). However, they did located some small gall stones so I can look forward to surgery one day.

All they can tell me is that it must be a virus and to let them know if it gets worse. Great.
I did ask the doctor if there is no lung congestion, what is it that I am coughing up? She didn't know. Probably a virus. Maybe I am getting better and the large amount of congestion that I had is smaller now and doesn't show up anymore.

Love it.

But, I am resting and working on a few new crafty things which always makes me happy. I love to watch a project come together. It's a very satisfying feeling after parenting and teaching all week (where it can be years before you see the final results of your hard work--sometimes you never get to see it).

Anyway, I surely hope that you and yours are well.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quiet weekend.

After my CT scan on Saturday morning, we have pretty much had a calm and relaxing weekend.

Well, as calm and relaxing as it can be for a mom sitting in a filthy house.

But, the weekends are the only times when I can rest and try to fight off this lousy lung junk. I no longer know what to call it, so lung junk will have to do.

A friend who used to work in radiology tells me that I will have my results likely by Tuesday afternoon. I look forward to finding out what I can do to put this three month adventure behind me.

As for the family... DS12 is moving his knee very well in his knee brace. We'll do PT for him on Thursday afternoon for the first time. Should be interesting.

DS10 is really feverish today and feels lousy. Doubt he'll make it to school tomorrow. Fortunately, Granny is at the ready to be the comforter.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The knee brace saga

Well DS12 went back to the orthopedist today for his check up. He was able to switch to a much smaller and more comfortable brace (yay!) which made him very happy.

He will start physical therapy next week (as soon as I can find anyone who will take our insurance for it). I'm still calling to get scheduled, etc.

He won't go back to the doctor for another month. I think we are finally getting past the worst and more irritating parts of this.

Still coughing...

I've been back to the doctor again. I am still coughing and dragging around. The doctor ordered an x-ray to get a better idea of what was going on. Unfortunately, it showed loads of congestion and gunk in the right side and some in the left. All in all, it was termed an abnormal x-ray. So, now I have to go to the radiologist on Saturday morning to get a CT scan of my chest.

I am looking forward to getting a better idea of how to clear this junk up, but it is a little disconcerting that I am needing these additional tests. It's a little freaky, especially since my MIL was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer (never smoked) and it was found on an abnormal x-ray. My doctor said that she didn't see anything like that, but wants a better idea of what is causing the congestion.

So, we shall see...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today we (our entire school) clustered around a television set in the library to watch the inauguration of our 44th President. Needless to say, teachers worked to help students understand the historical significance of this occasion.

Most of the students were enthralled to see how it all worked and how historic it was. They took it seriously and, perhaps, a bit reverently. It was really nice to see.

However, there are always though who can't see beyond themselves and their personal feelings to see the historic value of a situation. Regardless of personal politics, I truly believe that this is a very noteworthy day in American history.

Presidents come and Presidents go. More than one has been discovered to have lacked the character that we, as a nation, would have wished them to have. However, each has been selected by the will of the American people and our system as a Representative Republic (no, not a democracy--ask a history teacher!) and deserves the full respect of that office.

But, then again, how can we expect the students to understand that when their parents don't seem to get it? When parents encourage their kids to mock a newly elected President who hasn't had the chance to make any mistakes yet.

Worse yet, it is often racially motivated and not rooted in any genuine reason. It makes me sad.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The (frugal) things I learn!

Here's a cheap-0 tip that I wish I had known years ago. It helps to dry up and cure cold sores (as well as the Abreva that I have religiously purchased since it came on the market--and it's pricey).

When I get sick and run down, I turn to Abreva to cure the nasty little cold sores that I get in the corners of my mouth and the one little perennial which pops up on the top left side of my mouth. The little one clears up quickly and easily. The ones in the corners of my mouth will spread and grow, getting crusty and very sore. If left unchecked, it appears that my lips are trying to expand back into my cheeks--gross!

So, the other night when I ran out of Abreva, I went to the computer and looked for home remedies for cold sores. I figured that as long as they didn't get worse until I could get to the store, then I would be happy.

After looking at several options, I found one that suggested putting Vick's salve (or the equivalent) on the sores. The major ingredients are similar to Campho-phenique (which is often recommended for cold sores) but the vaseline like base holds the medicine in place for a longer period of time. Since I had Mentholatum (same difference, right), I put it on the sores at bedtime. It did sting some, but not for long. When I woke up, the swelling was down and there was no oozing and scabbing. Basically, it worked as well as, or better than, Abreva for a single usage!

I've continued using Mentolatum and the results continue to impress me. I really do think that I won't be buying Abreva any longer. Not only does this method work better for me, it's loads cheaper.

The last time I bought Abreva, it was $17.89 for a little, tiny pump bottle (that you can't finesse to get the very last drop out--ugh). I don't know what I paid for the Mentholatum since I bought it over a year ago. But I am sure it was loads less than $17! Plus, the little tub of stuff lasts way longer than the Abreva, too. It's a win-win situation.

And I am starting to look less like the Joker....


Back in the day, the kiddos were thrilled with simple lunches and the like. Fish sticks, french fries, ketchup. Or, macaroni and cheese (maybe with some left over hot dog cut up in it). Or, even ramen noodles.

Now that mommy is sick, I am facing a mutiny. They don't like those things anymore. Sigh.

Well, they are getting ramen today (partly due to my very sore throat and general malaise), but I have promised fresh turkey soup with rice (crockpot) and warm, yummy, fresh bread (breadmaker). Either way, they don't know that this is about as simple a meal as it gets, because, get this....

Mommy cooked it! I won't tell them any different!!!

When I said that I wanted a break...

I didn't mean for the whole family to get sick over our long weekend and prevent us from enjoying our time together! Sheesh!

It appears that we have caught a minor flu bug. It's enough to make us miserable for about 2 days and then just tired feeling after that. We all had it, but DS12 fought it off in a couple of hours. DS10 in about a day. Now it's just me and hubby that are still feeling it. But, we both are much better than we were yesterday. No fever, etc. So, hubby went on to work. But, I am sure he will be dragging around by the time he makes it home tonight.

The boys are miffed at me because I told them that I would take them to a matinee movie if I was feeling better (and I am not). They understand, but are disappointed, of course.

Well, back to school tomorrow and into the daily grind.

Now to find something to put into the crock pot for dinner tonight. Hmmm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a difference

a new building makes. It's created a whole new attitude about the school year among the staff. And it seems to be showing up in several of the students as well.

We've had a few minor glitches with the first couple of days, but nothing insurmountable.

Today, my car broke down on the way to school, so I wasn't there, but I talked to my sub and all seemed to go mostly well. Students got lockers today, so they will be happy (as soon as folks learn to be comfortable with the built in locks).

My DS12 got a locker for the first time and he is so excited about it. It's been really cute hearing him talk about it. It's a nice diversion from being constantly irritated by his knee brace.

With any luck, I can make it in to work tomorrow morning and my car will be okay. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My room looks great!

It's all been worth it. My room is looking fantastic and it has really come together. The curtains were the beginning of seeing what it could become. Now, with a few pictures on the wall, it is truly looking like a classroom.

I think it looks like a place where some serious learning could take place. I think I will be very happy there.

I'll post pics as soon as I have enough sense to take some!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nearing the finish line!

When we left my classroom at 8 pm tonight, it was really starting to appear to be pulled together. Valences were hung and blinds, too. The walls were painted and desks were in place.

Early in the day, my mom (who was helping out) insisted that we trade out all of the desks in my room for blue ones, for a more cohesive look with my color scheme (mocha, sand, and blue). I truly thought that she had lost her mind, or at least was kidding.

She wasn't. I hauled and drug and toted desks all over that building to find 16 blue ones. And they weren't the same style or the same blue either, but they were blue--by golly!

But, it is coming together nicely. Tomorrow, I will hang a few things on the wall and do a bit of touch up painting, so that will be done. I need to get my final grades together and begin writing lesson plans also.

So much for taking a break over Christmas....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Today, hubby and I spent around 5.5 hours working in my classroom. He took down blinds and washed them for me. I unpacked and scraped off old paint. I set up some files and put shelf liner on just about every flat surface!

But, it's a good thing. I am approved to start painting tomorrow, so I will be off to purchase primer, paint, etc. and my Mom and I are going to get started.

I can't wait to see it look "on purpose."