Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Blanket Bliss

So far, the very best part of being homebound with a recuperating kiddo is that he is actually bored enough to really sit with me and talk about things--everything actually. We've actually been having a few real conversations while I sit and crochet baby blankets. It's been nice. Aspies don't tend to converse, they lecture. My baby is growing up.

He is quite embarrassed by the bandage that he has to wear on the end of his nose to catch the inevitable drainage. He makes me promise that he won't have to go anywhere with it on. I had to assure him over and over that the only place he had to go was to Granny and Grandpa's house for Sunday dinner. He was pleased with that.

While sitting around with legs propped up and conversing, I have been working on the first of two baby blankets for colleagues at work that are expecting. After searching online for the perfect pattern (that I could actually complete) I set off on two that I completely frogged soon after.

I finally settled on a reversible, textured shell pattern in white for the first one. This is for a conservative teacher that I don't know well, but is friendly. She doesn't plan to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, so I decided that white might be the best way to go.

I haven't figured out what to do for the second one yet. This pattern is working up fast with two strands of really soft yarn held together and a large hook. I could mix it up for the second one by holding one white and one variegated strand together. I need to find out if the other mom to be will find out the gender in advance. This mom is much more outgoing and might appreciate a more colorful approach.

Edging is still up in the air for now. It's possible that it will hold up to just being blocked, otherwise, a nice edging will help to give it some structure.

I just hope that I can make these gifts turn out well. I just love making baby stuff!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay, since my leg still looks blue and bloated from my recent fall, I have resorted to wearing longer skirts more often to cover up. The ones I recently bought are all cotton knit and very comfortable. I am not embarrased to be seen out in public and no one is staring at my bruised legs. I feel more feminine and less "grungy" looking.

The only bad part is that the only shoes I can get into right now are my new Crocs RX, which are actually not nice looking with a skirt :-)

I can't say that I won't wear pants anymore, but I do like wearing skirts and I think they hide my figure flaws (within reason with this plus-sized chick).

Does anyone know of a source of frugal orthopedic shoes?

It's over

DS11's surgery was a complete success! We are so grateful for his safety. I have prayed thanksgiving so many times today.

The doctor enlarged and re-shaped the drainage holes in his sinuses (both between the eyes and in the cheeks) and took out additional tissue in his nostrils so he can breathe easier.

Other than him needing to take it easy for a week, he is doing pretty well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some days you're the dog, some days the hydrant...

Okay, maybe I am being supremely anal, BUT, if a doctor's office is going to send pre-operative instructions that begin 10 days prior to a child's surgery, shouldn't they be mailed such that they are received 10 days before the scheduled surgery????

I received a lovely notice today (3 days before the surgery) telling me to discontinue all use of aspirin and/or advil for 10 days prior to surgery. I gave DS11 advil at school today for a headache. Perhaps if I had known, I could have chosen tylenol instead.

Adding to the irony is that my kiddo needs sinus surgery. Remember sinuses and sinus pain? Last time I checked, it usually comes in the form of a HEADACHE! I tend to medicate for a headache with my aspie with advil because it works and because if I don't give him something to make the pain go away, he will eventually melt down and that ain't pretty, folks.

So, I have to make time to call the doctor's office from work (standing in the hall while trying to simultaneously talk to a professional and monitor a classroom full of kids) because they mail the notice to arrive a week too late. Go figure.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Knee update

I went to my doctor's office on Friday morning for a routine prescription refill type of appointment. I happened to mention a significant bruise on my leg and asked if it needed special care. Well, I pulled up my pants leg and watched them all promptly go nuts!

Next thing I knew, nursing students were being paraded into the room to see the spectacle that was there before them. They all looked suitably aghast. I could just imagine hearing the intercom call for that one, "Freak show, exam room 1--you don't want to miss this one."

Ahem. That's how my simple appointment began. It ended a few hours later in the Radiologist's office for a "doppler study" which seems to actually mean sonogram of the femoral artery to look for blood clots (I had none, thank God above). In between stops, I went to have blood drawn to check my platelet and white blood cell counts in case I had used them all up in trying to deal with my large bruise.

For the sake of Guiness Book of World Records, my bruise measured 28 cm at the longest point and 28 cm at the widest. The shape vaguely resembles a child's drawing of the continent of Africa. My left calf is officially 2 cm larger in circumference than the right one. Now that's swelling, folks. But, it gets larger daily as gravity pulls the blood further down my bloated and discolored leg toward my icky, swollen foot (with a lovely blue tinge).

After I admitted that the bruise wasn't painful and that I was running up and down stairs at work (and teaching kids to disco dance for our disco themed prom in two weeks) the nurse practitioner took my aleve rights away from me. She said that a little pain would slow me down and make me rest. No kidding, sista! This part stinks.

Now, I do fairly well hobbling around work until around 1 pm and then life isn't what it's cracked up to be anymore. Oh well. I guess I am getting more reading, blog reading, and crochet done than I have done in a very long time.

The day approaches...

DS11's surgery has been scheduled (finally) for this Friday in the early morning. It is outpatient, so all expectations are that we will leave the surgery center approximately 1 hour after he is taken back to surgery.

I am praying that all will go well, but I feel confident about the surgeon and the simplicity of the procedure. Nevertheless, I am praying about it also!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's almost a shame...

to have a weekend sometimes. Ugh.

Still haven't heard from the insurance company about DS11s surgery. It's been a week. The one thing I can say about my insurance company is that they are a bastion of inefficiency. Geesh!

Kiddo is still dark under the eyes, but acts like he is feeling somewhat better. The nasal irrigation is still helping.

On an up note, I was able to manage to cut both boys hair this weekend, so I can at least say I saved $20--ca-ching! Between that and hanging laundry on racks in my kitchen (yes, I know, tres chic!) I may have saved $20 and change this weekend. Nothing to sneeze at since gas prices are going through the roof lately.

Like the incredibly graceful nymph that I am, I managed to fall, face first, in the Office Max parking lot--in dressy clothes, no less. Now, I am blessed with two bruised hands, two scraped up knees, one of which is turning black and is quite swollen. When I get up and walk around, it appears that I have a good sized grapefruit attached to the front of my knee.

Going up the stairs tomorrow at work should be a hoot.

I've been trying to crochet to keep my mind off of the pain. Plus, it offsets the sensation of freezing to death from having ice on my knee. The rest of me can be toasty. I'll post a picture of my latest project (a lovely, scrappy blanket that is big enough for two to snuggle under on the couch) when I am a little more comfortably mobile.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The verdict is in...

Surgery is the only option left. But, this surgery sounds like a truly minimally invasive, quick recovery solution. Unfortunately, DS11 heard the word surgery and promptly displayed full autistic melt down. Oh well. Scare an aspie half to death and that is what you get.

We are starting nasal irrigation today to prepare for the surgery (we won't know the date until the insurance company realizes that they will actually have to pay for this--could be a few days). He survived the first round. He had chunks and globs of orange stuff coming out of his nostrils. Good grief. So much for massive antibiotic therapy.

So we irrigate and wait. I do hope that it is really soon so we can get him back to feeling good. But, I hate to miss work. We were out on spring break this week and that would have been a perfect time, but...

Maybe we can do it on a Friday (when I am off work anyway).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day...

After a rip roaring time of doing my continuing education work to keep my teaching certificate this week, I am ready for a nice, long sleep. What a way to spend my spring break!

Tomorrow, we will go to the ENT for DS11. We will get the final say on whether the sinus infection is truly gone. Otherwise, we will schedule surgery. Unfortunately, he still sounds congested and is now coughing again. Seems like he makes major improvements as long as he is on the antibiotics and then relapses the minute that we are finished with them.

DS9 and I have been using a nasal irrigation system (sounds disgusting, doesn't it) and it has taken a lot of the allergy symptoms that we have and gotten rid of them. And when you think that everything outside is bright yellow, just being able to rid ourselves of part of the massive amount of particulates that we are breathing in is a truly beautiful thing! On a personal note, my nose no longer bleeds when I blow it. DS9 thinks that it is the truly coolest thing to see water running out of his nostril into the sink. He even gave his Granny a live demonstration (much to her chagrin)!

I haven't been able to try it with DS11 because the information that came with it says that it's not recommended with an active infection. I plan on asking the doctor if it would be okay to do that when we see him tomorrow. I don't actually think that he will let me get anywhere near him with it, but we'll see how it goes. Aspie's get a little overloaded with crazy ideas (like pouring water up their noses--go figure).