Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, it is all over! DS1o made it through surgery just fine. Once he got home, though, he started really whining and milking it--so much so that hubby made me stay in the other room because DS10's condition got much, much worse every time he laid eyes on me. He was reasonably calm and collected when he was only with hubby and brother!

He is a cutie, even when he is piling it on really thick!!!

But, I am supremely grateful and I do appreciate so much the prayers that were offered for him.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, DS10, my baby, is having surgery to remove a birthmark on his head. It is a sebaceous neva. This type is pre-cancerous, but gives rise to squamous cells later in life. This skin cancer can spread to the nearest organs--in my son's case, the brain. So, off it comes!!!

Actually, the timing has been dictated by my kid being suddenly self-conscious about it. We have been trying all summer to have this removed. We started with his dermatologist and even got so far as to get everything scheduled, only to find that the doctor decided to refer us to a plastic surgeon instead. Then we had to wait for the remainder of the summer to get a consultation appt. Fortunately for us, this doctor rearranged his schedule to get this done before we go back to school.
But, we are cutting it close. The surgery is tomorrow (Monday) and I report for pre-planning on Tuesday morning. But, kiddo still has a week out of school to rest up.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have to say it...

Michael Savage is a pig. I know that the nature of radio talk shows is to create controversy. Controversy gets people talking. Controversy gets ratings.

But, attack my kid and you are TOAST! If you want to attack me, FINE.

My kid has done nothing to him. Mr. Savage (appropriate name) says that families want this diagnosis in order to get funding. WHAT FUNDING??? Apparently, I am missing out on a major financial angle for my family. We have done without many things in order to pay for therapies and medical care related to autism that is not even covered by insurance. We have paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to receive even basic help for our Aspie. There is nothing easy or glamorous about this diagnosis. I have spent hours worrying about his future and what it will be like.

I would have never asked for this, but I will never turn my son away. How dare Mr. Savage attack the weakest among our population. My son is disciplined (and yes, I spank when needed). I am one of the strictest parents I know.

Yes, he has the right to say anything he wants to. His speech is protected by our Constitution. However, I have the right to respond. My speech is also protected and I will shout from the rooftops about how wrong he is! There are consequences to our speech, even if it is protected. Let's see if Mr. Savage has the, ahem, cahoneys to handle that!

Today, Mr. Savage expressed that his one comment should not cause folks to want to see him fired. Why not? He attacked the weakest among our population, without cause and without even the slightest idea of what he was talking about. Why should I support that?

I don't.

Good news

My baby brother who moved to Orlando, Florida to attend school has gotten a job!!! Hallelujah!
It's taken him a little over a week, but he has gotten one of the highest paying jobs that his school's placement office sends people for. What a relief.

Not to mention that he will be happier when he is busier and not just sitting around. I am so proud of him.

Bad News

Okay, I have been out of touch lately. It's because it sucks to be me right now. Someone has stolen my debit card number and has been using it with abandon. I have called them and insisted that they take the charges off of my account as they were not authorized. Then, I called the bank and found out that I have to wait 10 days to see if they take the charges off on their own. That's what I love, the ol' "let's let the crooks have the benefit of the doubt plan" that the bank has. Ugh.

So, our bank account is wiped out. I have blown 2, yes 2 tires on my car. It sucks to be me today.

That's what I have been dealing with lately and I have been seriously depressed. But, I have been doing the weight loss blog still and doing well with that.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

It's been a gorgeous day in Georgia, clear most of the day with one brief mid-day shower. There was a storm South of us during the fireworks tonight, but it didn't affect us.

It was cool and breezy and comfortable for the show (as opposed to the sticky, hot, buggy weather we have endured in previous years). It's always fun to listen to people's reactions (especially the kids) to the fireworks as the display progresses. I love the oooh's and aaah's and laughter. It's fun.

My parents and brother came over for a wonderful dinner (thanks to hubby's grill prowess) and then we met up for fireworks. It's one of the last times for the entire family to get together for awhile since my brother is moving to Orlando to go to school. It's tough on my parents, even though they have already gone through the empty nest thing when I moved out years ago. I think they worry more about him. I never moved so far away. I got married and stayed much closer.

So, in some respects, he is approaching his Independence Day as well. I know that he will do well and that it will be a larger adjustment for him than he realizes. It's grow up time.

And speaking of Independence Day, thank God we live in a free country where we can live and worship as we see fit.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lifestyle changes

I am working really hard lately to make some serious changes to my lifestyle before school starts back in a few short weeks. Summer has been great and it has been flying by, but I don't want to lose this chance to live more healthfully.

Today begins my 3rd week back on, eating well, drinking water, and exercising. It's not easy for a big girl like me, but I don't want to remain a big girl any longer than I have to!

The best part is that with prices rising on everything from gasoline to milk, that this program on is absolutely free. You don't have to eat certain prescribed lists of foods, you can make your own choices from what you have on hand or what you catch on sale or in season. It certainly works well for me. I appreciate the support also.

On a lighter note, I took the boys to see the movie WALL E today and it was really cute, a love story. We all enjoyed it. Of course it was a matinee and we smuggled in our own cheap treats.