Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Wild Weekend

Lots around here keeps us adults jumping through hoops just to keep up. That never fails and we have learned to count on it. Like a field trip coming up for our two boys at, gulp, $150 each. Not to mention that we don't let the kids go off on trips like this without one of us, so add another person, please. Fortunately, our school reimburses us some money for driving other kids to the trip, so that will help. But, we're saving up to send the payment on October 2nd, the very last day that we can send it. Sigh.

Yesterday, we received a note from the local water authority that the meter reader had noticed a possible leak on our side of the meter. So, hubby got to checking and sure enough, the entire connector on our side of the meter had blown apart and we were seriously leaking water. Since this is out our long driveway and by the road, it's unlikely we would have noticed it very quickly at all without being tipped off. As it is, we don't know how long it may have been leaking, so I'm sweating our next water bill.

Hubby has spent a fair chunk of the last two days digging up the line and getting it fixed. I am so grateful that God has sent me such a capable fella, because I certainly couldn't have fixed that myself. I am not sure how much time I would have wasted trying to figure out where to start! But, we have water now and it was gleeful to flush toilets and fill the washing machine again. The boys went to Granny and Grandpa's house to take baths last night, so that wasn't a problem.

On Thursday night, our school played our first football game (this is our first year having a team) against the school that our Headmaster used to work at. The outcome of this game meant a great deal to her as she considers some of the attitudes and beliefs of the head of the other school to be immoral. Happily, we won, and as a reward, the 8th-12th grades have tomorrow off of school (along with their teachers, yay!). Of course, I will still have to take my kids to school, but then I will leave and go grocery shopping. I will go in later in the day to catch up on mountains of grading and paperwork, but still, I will have a nice, quiet day and that is a very good thing.

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