Sunday, February 10, 2008

meds, tests, and CAT scans, oh my!

Well, the last couple of weeks have been eventful. After 3 full rounds of antibiotics and 1 failed attempt at another (he was allergic to it), we were finally referred to an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist in Fayetteville.

Finding the office was an adventure since the person who handles referrals at the pediatrician's office gave us the wrong address and the phone number to a different office! Talk about convenient. Once I was able to get the correct phone number and find out the correct address, getting there was a breeze. However, we did arrive over an hour late.

The doctor was fantastic! He did a visual exam and ordered CAT scans and then changed his antibiotic to Biaxin, which is stronger.

Kiddo made it through the CAT scan, but was terrified at what would happen before he went. We went back to the doctor and found out that the infection was definitely responding to the new medication and that was a very good sign. There are no abnormalities in how his sinus' are shaped and the openings are fine. All in all, a very good report. So we will continue with the antibiotics and watch for continued problems.

Today, we filmed my youngest son's science project. It was disastrous from beginning to end. We finally got it finished and it is truly Monty Python-esque!

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