Saturday, February 23, 2008

DS9 is now DS10

Wow! Both of my boys are now officially in double digits. My babies are growing up (sniff) and I am feeling very old (big sniff).

For his birthday, he invited 5 of his school friends over to his house for a sleep over and party. I don't know why boys call them slumber parties. Nobody slept until after 5 am. I was ready to fall over dead from exhaustion. And they don't sit quietly and watch movies, giggle, etc. No, heck no, they are running through the house, tackling each other and screaming, "get him, get him!"

Oh yay!

But, they really were a nice acting group of kids (as 4th grade boys go) and they had fun. Now, hubby and DS10 are sick (probably from lack of sleep--the goobers) with a cold.

I can't wait to get in bed and SLEEP! I need it!

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