Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion...

Well March is certainly here and it came in like a Lion, so they say, with a winter storm that has closed our school and those of several surrounding counties for tomorrow.

While I will enjoy the snow day with my kids, it concerns me that so many people who are unfamiliar with driving in this kind of weather will feel the need to get out and sight see.

We made our only outing early this afternoon and the roads were beginning to build up with ice and slush even then. Fortunately, we aren't complete novices at dealing with this kind of thing, so we went slow and easy--no problems. The biggest problem that we faced was other drivers on the road, going too fast and swerving around.

Common sense ain't so common, I guess. But, we're cozy and warm with a pot of chili simmering and fresh bread out of the oven. Not a bad life.

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