Friday, March 27, 2009

One week to Spring Break!

Not that this teacher is counting down or anything! Actually, other than the few rather normal aggravations at school, this past week ran rather smoothly.

Today DS11 went to his Friday gifted class and that gave me around 4 hours or so of relatively uninterrupted grading time. So, I slogged through lots of term papers though I still have several to go. Maybe I can finish them up this weekend.

The worst part of today is that it was so rainy and dreary that I just wanted to curl up in bed and hibernate! It was so hard to trudge into the school when I knew that I didn't really have to. But, DS11 loved his class and was so excited to tell me all about it, so I am glad that I used what little self-motivation that I had this morning and went on in.

Add to that the usual springtime allergies and the day was just a long nap waiting to happen!

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