Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Antibiotic #6...

Well, the sinus saga continues. We are on our 6th antibiotic and last Friday we went for allergy testing. He was so upset to have blood drawn after having done it so many times when testing for the PANDAS last year. But, at least they didn't do the old fashioned test where they put a grid on your back and poke you 40 times with a needle. Of course, we might have had some results back quicker that way, but it would have been absolutely miserable for him.

Hopefully, we will hear from the doctor soon about the results and can figure out what to do next. I just want the poor kid to get to feeling better. He is still struggling to get up and blow enough junk out of his nose in the morning, he blows and hacks, blows and hacks. I wish I could fix it.

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