Monday, March 17, 2008

Life is creating negative pressure right now...

What a few months we have had. DS11 is STILL sick. After 6 rounds of antibiotics and 4 months of a headaches, we still have no answers. At the last visit to the ENT, we were told to go and get tested at our local lab to determine if he was allergic to 128 common allergens.

He was only allergic to eggs. This brings up an interesting bit of trivia: flu shots are made of eggs. My kid got his first flu shot this year. Why? Because the pediatrician got flu shots in individual doses, so there is no need for preservatives. It is the preservatives that so many of us Aspie moms are concerned about. Unfortunately, since we didn't know about the egg allergy, the flu shot may have been what set this whole episode in motion.

With kids on the spectrum, one thing I have learned is that it doesn't require much of an insult to the system to create a real problem to deal with.

At this point, I am frustrated. Very frustrated. Frustrated enough to take matters into my own hands. I went to the health food store. Less than $30 dollars later, I had purchased two items to try. One is a homeopathic remedy for asthma and bronchitis for DS10 and I. The other is colloidal silver to squirt up DS11 (and my) nose.

After months of bronchitis flare ups, in 3 days, I felt better. I believe it is more from the colloidal silver than anything else. No, I am very careful in dosing. No, we aren't going to turn in to Smurfs. Yes, it is worth being careful if it will get us well.

My mom began with the bronchitis stuff when I did. She still sounds terrible, is wheezing periodically and feels like total crap. I am breathing easier, coughing productively (but far less often), the aching has subsided. I still need loads of sleep, so I am not fully recovered. But, I have seen this result with less than 1 week with very conservative doses of colloidal silver. DS11 is not coughing, no longer complaining of headaches, but still has a runny nose (that could be due to allergies because we are just entering pollen season).

Isn't it amazing that a few days of an old-fashioned, pre-penicillin medication could do us more good than all of the allopathic treatments that we have tried.

Maybe we finally can have some hope.

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