Monday, September 7, 2009

Orlando bound!

This weekend, we are trekking to Orlando to see my brother graduate from his vocational college. He has tests that he will be taking right up to the morning of the ceremony, so his status can change from graduating senior to almost graduating senior at the drop of a hat.

He is working hard at his classes, but he is not a great test taker, so he is nervous. There is a lot riding on the next few days. We keep praying for him.

I am so proud that he has picked a direction for his life and gone after his goal. So many young adults just flounder and live at home without a direction. Unfortunately, getting a job in this economy is not going to be easy, but he already made contact with a couple of dealerships in the Atlanta area that might need someone, so that is positive.

If you know anyone who needs a good mechanic in middle or north Georgia, please drop me a line!

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