Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Educational Testing

It became apparent last year that we needed more information about how my Aspie thinks and works and processes information so that we can help him more with his academics. So, on the advice of some wonderful doctors and therapists, we made an appointment with a Neuropsychologist in Fayetteville. We had to wait months for our first meeting.

Dr. Lynda Boucougnani-Whitehead has turned out to be an absolutely fabulous person as well as a true professional. She and my kid hit it off right away and she has an uncanny ability to appreciate him where he is now, without judging him for any deficits that he may have.

Well, we went this past Friday to meet with her about his results. It was very, very informative, but an overwhelming amount of information to process at one time. We met for over 2 hours and only touched the tip of the iceberg. But, at least we didn't smack the iceberg Titanic style and self-destruct!

After a couple of days of looking at this report and processing the myriad of suggestions and techniques, I think I have almost wrapped my head around this stuff. We are looking at a pretty severe non-verbal learning disorder in addition to the Asperger's syndrome. His working memory is faulty and he lacks executive functioning skills and the ability to visualize anything. It's going to be a long road ahead.

The good news is that we're not cutting our own road through virgin forest or unfriendly terrain. The road exists. Its adequate. It's just likely to be pretty bumpy at times. But the destination is worth getting to, so it will be okay--even if our butts go numb at times during the journey. And it is a journey.

Some days it is pretty surreal. But, that may be due to myself more than my son!

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