Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Feeling crafty

Okay, I am at home with asthmatic younger son today. Every time we get a rainy spell or temperature change, his asthma goes nuts. If this continues, I am going to have to insist on a medication change. The current medicine works really well for most of the year and it is non-steroidal and has very few side effects and I like that, but we are missing lots of school at this point and the year is just now getting started.

The giant granny square blanket (or blue blob) that I started has morphed into a Christmas gift for someone. I won't say who, because I want it to remain a secret, but it's a family member. I think it will be cool. The larger it gets, the better it looks. It has a varigated blue center that ranges from sky blue to navy. That is followed by a wide band of a medium, wedgewood blue, and a band that I have just started of navy blue. The larger it gets, the more I like it.

I did learn that there is a Project Linus chapter in Griffin and I would like to work with some kids and other staff members to maybe make a group donation from the school. Another teacher, Leigh Ann said she would do it with me and she is the one who suggested Project Linus. I think it is really good to show the kids by example about charitable works done for Christ. Often, we adults, talk about helping others and we might do things individually, but how often do we work on such things alongside our kids and students so that they may truly experience the joy of giving?

Speaking of giving, one of my students is going to Romania in November in order to minister to the homeless there as well as to spread the Gospel in general. One of the ways that he is asking for support is with donations of new blankets. Now, I knew that I would support this young man's desire to spread God's plan, but I love the idea of sending a tangible symbol of Christian love to people who are cold and freezing in Romania. Hubby and I could write a check and that money would be put to good use, but this is an opportunity for the kids to take part as well. They can earn money to provide blankets themselves. They can shop with me to decide which blankets to purchase. They can help me find the best blankets for the least money so we can do more. If we write a check, the boys may never really understand how $ spreads the Word. But, they understand being cold and tired. They have some idea of what it would be like to be forced to be outside in that cold. They will know that they, themselves, made an extra effort to show kindness to someone that they will never meet. Someone who can't say thank you; someone who is genuinely in NEED.

My boys are obsessed with wants these days. It's nice to break it down to show NEEDS and how it is scripturally correct to sacrifice a bit (or a lot) in order to demonstrate God's love and blessings to someone in need. My youngest started writing his Santa list today in between breathing treatments. While, I don't blame him for wanting things (I want things, too), I do want both of my boys to learn to prioritize between NEEDS and WANTS.

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