Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Pandemonium Week

Whew! What a week. My oldest kiddo's birthday was on Tuesday. He is eleven years old. I can't stand it. Some days seem to take years to complete and yet the whole 11 years has flown by. Go figure.

Granny transported cupcakes, ice cream cups, and drinks in a cooler to school on Tuesday for the classroom party since I was teaching and couldn't do it myself. Two of the girls made up a cheer to commemorate the birthday shenanigans.

We had the obligatory family party Tuesday night after work. We ate hot dogs and had ice cream cake. My nieces couldn't make it, so that was a bummer, but it was a nice get together, even if I did have to clean my house wearing an aircast.

Friday, I was scheduled to work detention at school, and we went in early. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the students who were assigned to work didn't show up, so we left after about an hour. So, we set off to Decatur to pick up my new orthotics and orthopedic shoes. This saved us a trip on Saturday. It took over 1 1/2 hours to get there--ugh! I ran into two detours due to road work and then my directions were incorrect. We are probably lucky to have found the place at all. But, we got them and all is well. If only I could wear them now. I go back to the orthopedist on the 27th and with any luck I will be able to use real shoes instead of THE BOOT.

Today, we picked up a friend and took my boys and friend to the movies for the "official kid gathering." We sat through Mr. Bean's Holiday and I can honestly say that it is a supreme act of parental love to sit through that much slapstick and Monty Python mimickry. Don't get me wrong, I love Python, just not bad rip offs of their skits. The boys, however, laughed until I thought they would pee their pants, so it was a successful outing. Now, they are all over here, running around the through my house. But, it 's a good thing.

My youngest son has had friends over on numerous occasions. Even kids who come over to see both of my kids, gravitate toward my youngest. My aspie son sometimes joins in and sometimes does not. This is the first time that he has asked a kid (who is 3 years older than him) over and they have really had a blast and he is here for my aspie son, not for the other one, who is also joining in the play. My kid really feels special and it makes my heart sing. Today, it is all about him. I am grateful.

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