Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some days you're the dog, some days the hydrant...

Okay, maybe I am being supremely anal, BUT, if a doctor's office is going to send pre-operative instructions that begin 10 days prior to a child's surgery, shouldn't they be mailed such that they are received 10 days before the scheduled surgery????

I received a lovely notice today (3 days before the surgery) telling me to discontinue all use of aspirin and/or advil for 10 days prior to surgery. I gave DS11 advil at school today for a headache. Perhaps if I had known, I could have chosen tylenol instead.

Adding to the irony is that my kiddo needs sinus surgery. Remember sinuses and sinus pain? Last time I checked, it usually comes in the form of a HEADACHE! I tend to medicate for a headache with my aspie with advil because it works and because if I don't give him something to make the pain go away, he will eventually melt down and that ain't pretty, folks.

So, I have to make time to call the doctor's office from work (standing in the hall while trying to simultaneously talk to a professional and monitor a classroom full of kids) because they mail the notice to arrive a week too late. Go figure.

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