Thursday, April 3, 2008

The verdict is in...

Surgery is the only option left. But, this surgery sounds like a truly minimally invasive, quick recovery solution. Unfortunately, DS11 heard the word surgery and promptly displayed full autistic melt down. Oh well. Scare an aspie half to death and that is what you get.

We are starting nasal irrigation today to prepare for the surgery (we won't know the date until the insurance company realizes that they will actually have to pay for this--could be a few days). He survived the first round. He had chunks and globs of orange stuff coming out of his nostrils. Good grief. So much for massive antibiotic therapy.

So we irrigate and wait. I do hope that it is really soon so we can get him back to feeling good. But, I hate to miss work. We were out on spring break this week and that would have been a perfect time, but...

Maybe we can do it on a Friday (when I am off work anyway).

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