Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's almost a shame...

to have a weekend sometimes. Ugh.

Still haven't heard from the insurance company about DS11s surgery. It's been a week. The one thing I can say about my insurance company is that they are a bastion of inefficiency. Geesh!

Kiddo is still dark under the eyes, but acts like he is feeling somewhat better. The nasal irrigation is still helping.

On an up note, I was able to manage to cut both boys hair this weekend, so I can at least say I saved $20--ca-ching! Between that and hanging laundry on racks in my kitchen (yes, I know, tres chic!) I may have saved $20 and change this weekend. Nothing to sneeze at since gas prices are going through the roof lately.

Like the incredibly graceful nymph that I am, I managed to fall, face first, in the Office Max parking lot--in dressy clothes, no less. Now, I am blessed with two bruised hands, two scraped up knees, one of which is turning black and is quite swollen. When I get up and walk around, it appears that I have a good sized grapefruit attached to the front of my knee.

Going up the stairs tomorrow at work should be a hoot.

I've been trying to crochet to keep my mind off of the pain. Plus, it offsets the sensation of freezing to death from having ice on my knee. The rest of me can be toasty. I'll post a picture of my latest project (a lovely, scrappy blanket that is big enough for two to snuggle under on the couch) when I am a little more comfortably mobile.

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