Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have to say it...

Michael Savage is a pig. I know that the nature of radio talk shows is to create controversy. Controversy gets people talking. Controversy gets ratings.

But, attack my kid and you are TOAST! If you want to attack me, FINE.

My kid has done nothing to him. Mr. Savage (appropriate name) says that families want this diagnosis in order to get funding. WHAT FUNDING??? Apparently, I am missing out on a major financial angle for my family. We have done without many things in order to pay for therapies and medical care related to autism that is not even covered by insurance. We have paid thousands of dollars out of pocket to receive even basic help for our Aspie. There is nothing easy or glamorous about this diagnosis. I have spent hours worrying about his future and what it will be like.

I would have never asked for this, but I will never turn my son away. How dare Mr. Savage attack the weakest among our population. My son is disciplined (and yes, I spank when needed). I am one of the strictest parents I know.

Yes, he has the right to say anything he wants to. His speech is protected by our Constitution. However, I have the right to respond. My speech is also protected and I will shout from the rooftops about how wrong he is! There are consequences to our speech, even if it is protected. Let's see if Mr. Savage has the, ahem, cahoneys to handle that!

Today, Mr. Savage expressed that his one comment should not cause folks to want to see him fired. Why not? He attacked the weakest among our population, without cause and without even the slightest idea of what he was talking about. Why should I support that?

I don't.

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