Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surgery tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, DS10, my baby, is having surgery to remove a birthmark on his head. It is a sebaceous neva. This type is pre-cancerous, but gives rise to squamous cells later in life. This skin cancer can spread to the nearest organs--in my son's case, the brain. So, off it comes!!!

Actually, the timing has been dictated by my kid being suddenly self-conscious about it. We have been trying all summer to have this removed. We started with his dermatologist and even got so far as to get everything scheduled, only to find that the doctor decided to refer us to a plastic surgeon instead. Then we had to wait for the remainder of the summer to get a consultation appt. Fortunately for us, this doctor rearranged his schedule to get this done before we go back to school.
But, we are cutting it close. The surgery is tomorrow (Monday) and I report for pre-planning on Tuesday morning. But, kiddo still has a week out of school to rest up.

Wish us luck!

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