Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lifestyle changes

I am working really hard lately to make some serious changes to my lifestyle before school starts back in a few short weeks. Summer has been great and it has been flying by, but I don't want to lose this chance to live more healthfully.

Today begins my 3rd week back on, eating well, drinking water, and exercising. It's not easy for a big girl like me, but I don't want to remain a big girl any longer than I have to!

The best part is that with prices rising on everything from gasoline to milk, that this program on is absolutely free. You don't have to eat certain prescribed lists of foods, you can make your own choices from what you have on hand or what you catch on sale or in season. It certainly works well for me. I appreciate the support also.

On a lighter note, I took the boys to see the movie WALL E today and it was really cute, a love story. We all enjoyed it. Of course it was a matinee and we smuggled in our own cheap treats.

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