Saturday, February 7, 2009

Culture, Field Trips, and Such

Last Thursday evenings, I took a group of about 17 kids and 6 adults into Atlanta to the New American Shakespeare Tavern to see a production of Romeo and Juliet. The average age of these kids were a tad younger than I had taken out into the "real world" before, so I was curious to see what they enjoyed, would they come back, etc.

Well the trip, and the play was a hit! The kids and adults all had a wonderful time (although it had us adults up a tad past our bedtime). The only glitches in the evening were the typical immature kids kind of things (cell phones, giggling and talking, etc.). Not too bad at all.

For a night in Atlanta, the prices weren't bad for an occasional treat, either. With the educator discount, all parties were able to get really good seats for less than $15 each. Considering that the Fox Theater is around 2 blocks north and you can't get even lousy seats there for less than $30 or so, I felt pretty good about it all. Plus, we teach Romeo and Juliet, it directly will impact the education of these kids to see a live performance.

Actually, I have been going to the Tavern since it opened in 1991 and I have never left feeling like I had wasted money or not enjoyed the production. They are an awesome theater company, even in the non-Shakespearean shows that I have seen performed there.

I can't say that about every outing into Atlanta or to a play. I have spent more money for less entertainment at other venues.

Okay, theater is generally not considered frugal entertainment, but a full price movie ticket in my town is around $9! Very few movies are of a caliber as a Shakespearean play, I might add. There is nothing so sad as a world without any real culture, where all is car chases, gun battles, and scantily clad girls--a world flooded with cheap testosterone.

Sure Shakespeare had his naughty moments, but folks had clothes on, they generally ended in marraige (and/or death with Romeo and Juliet) but the audience had to THINK about what was funny, what was naughty, what was worthy. I am willing to return to that world--car chases be, well, ...uh... darned!!!

A ticket to the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta is clearly worth far more than it costs! I consider it a frugal entertainment in that it entertains and informs and sometimes edifies, rather than merely tittilates. After all, I am an educated lady, not a hormonal child!

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