Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Physical Therapy part I

Today was DS12's first day at physical therapy. We had to leave home earlier than earlier and that made everything a bit harried. I was driving somewhere unfamiliar, so that didn't help much either.

And 10 minutes before we arrived, we got a cell phone call that the PT called in sick. We went by to fill in paperwork anyway and it turned out that another PT agreed to see him since we had driven in already.

This lady was phenomenal! Not everyone works well with an Aspie, but she really brought out the very best in him. He worked harder for her than I have ever seen him work before. I was impressed and I made sure that I told them so!

I have really been pleased so far and DS12 is excited to do his exercises and thinks they are fun. Go figure. We went tonight and bought his two physio balls. You would have thought he got a wheelbarrow full of candy for all of the excitement.

So far so good.

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