Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Never a dull moment...

I survived the root canal, and although my mouth is rather tender, I am fine. The dentist I saw was really wonderful and kind and that helped an awful lot!

Of course, this morning, while I am still under the influence of major pain killers, DS10 runs in screaming that our cat is dying. Have I mentioned that he is inclined toward fits of melodrama??? The cat was, indeed, very sick and needed to go to the vet. I was unable to drive anywhere, so I had to call Granny to the rescue!

Of course, throughout the ordeal, I am seriously dunder-headed and DS1o is concerned that he is going to die of rabies because the cat scratched him and was drooling a lot. Does the fun never end?

This was doubly traumatic due to the fact that our beloved cat, Diana, died less than a week ago. So, off we go to the vet where we learn that our little kitty has rambunctiously bitten a light cord and burned the crud out of the inside of her little, tender mouth! Ugh!

Of course this wound was infected and she was running a massive fever. She got a shot of antibiotics and we will be giving her medicine by mouth for a week. We also now own our very own large animal syringe (sans needles) so that I can drizzle gatorade down her throat so she won't get dehydrated (since that is the biggest risk to her right now).

At least she will be okay (we hope and pray). Glad we are on vacation this week!

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