Monday, December 20, 2010

More Antibiotics and a Special Delivery!

Well, hubby started feeling bad yesterday, so this morning he went off to the doctor like a trooper.  He NEVER wants to miss work, so it was a little unusual for him to voluntarily go, so I knew he felt really badly.  Looks like he has a bad upper respiratory infection.  But, he is really good about taking his meds, so he will be quickly on the mend.

Right now, DS12 is the only healthy person in the family.  He has finished his antibiotics and is getting rather ill with the rest of us sickos!  Today, I took DS14 back into the doctor's office (for the 3rd time, no less) to pitch a fit and finally get him some help.  But, after I pitched a fit on the phone and refused to see the doctor in the group that had been so un-helpful, I got to see my favorite doctor and she, of course, came to the rescue and now, I am confident that DS14 will be on the mend shortly.

It's been an ordeal to try and regain some semblance of health around here.  Not fun at all!

Of course, I didn't like it that I still had a cough and couldn't go and be at the hospital while my honorary grandson was born.  They are worried about infection and I totally understand that with mommies-to-be and babies in such a fragile condition.  Even though I am on day 4 of my antibiotics, I figured it best not to scare anyone.  So, sadly, I stayed home and got messages by phone and text while I took care of my own brood.

But, I am still a little bit sad about it.  I wanted to see him, even if only through the nursery glass.  I am told that he has a head full of jet black hair and a perfectly pink complexion.  I will do my best to see him tomorrow and welcome him to the world.  I will take my mom with me (the honorary Great-grandma).  The doctor said he would hook me up with a sample of cough meds if necessary to get me past the nurses once it was certain that I wasn't contagious any more.  He totally "got" the baby thing when I explained it to him.  It seemed silly at the time, but I just might try it tomorrow!

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