Friday, December 17, 2010

A little bit of progress

A few blocks completed and pressed for Dad's lap quilt.  The colors are supposed to line up so that it makes a cute, secondary design when the blocks are alternated without sashing.  It makes the pattern, but not quite the correct way since I messed up the order of the colors.  Oh well.

Life is a little wonky, right?  Especially on bronchitis meds!  LOL!

Right now, all of the little 9-patch numbers are done and I have done the first 12 of the snowball blocks.  12 more snowballs to go and then we can start assembling and making decisions about borders and backings.  I will be very much relieved when this final gift is completed.

My Mom tells me that Dad, "sits around and shivers like a chihuahua!"  Great visual.  So, I figure that he really needs a quilt.  He is diabetic and is feeling the cold more these days.  Mom, however, still has hot flashes and thinks that the proverbial "Nanook of the North" is sweating in his igloo!  Now, I hope that Dad will get to cuddle under his very own quilt, made of guy fabrics, and stay completely and totally warm!

We can only hope!


Zany Quilter said...

I like your progress....I think I have the shirt in my stash that made the center of the snowball block on the right!! Keep us up to date on how it is going....;-D Happy holidays!

Missuz C said...

Bless your heart, we are just now recovering from 2 1/2 weeks of bronchitis/pneumonia---I am totally sympathetic!!

Take good care of you and get better soon!

This is going to be a really great quilt--I love the colors!! Your dad is one lucky guy.