Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas to All!

Well, this last week has flown by like a cyclone! Younger son and I have gotten the "crud," which is basically a cold, but for us, it has become a chest cold. I am trying to have it not turn into bronchitis (like last year) and he has asthma, so it's always a challenge.

This year is winding down fast and I wanted to wish everyone who reads this blog (okay, both of you) a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy and productive 2008!

The Christmas carnage is over at our house. It all began last night with Christmas Eve at Granny's house with family. It was loud and chaotic.

Then we had Santa's visitation and gifts at our house this morning. It was loud and chaotic. It was also 4:30 in the God forsaken morning. Ugh.

This was followed by hubby's dad and aunt coming by with, yet more gifts, around lunchtime.
Guess what? Loud and chaotic? You betcha! Whew!

But, the boys have had a wonderful Christmas and are happy. I am tickled that the boys seemed happiest about the few items that I had crocheted for them. It warms a Mommy's heart.

Anyway, I will post pictures when I am able. Love to all.

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