Saturday, December 29, 2007

Post Christmas Update

Okay, between the coughing crud around here and all of the post-Christmas malaise, I am afraid that I haven't had much opportunity to update my blog and put up the pictures that I have taken.

First off, the gifts. This is the most ambitious I have been since having children in making gifts. I was beginning to believe that I have bitten off more than I could chew. Fortunately, the adrenaline rush resulting from the fear of not having gifts ready in time enabled me to finish up with a couple of days to spare. Of course, I was crocheting in my sleep, but I suppose that is to be expected. Here are the fruits of some of my labors.
This photo shows hats and matching scarves that I made for my two nieces and my two boys. The framed images are scrapbook pages that I made with pictures of my boys and a top ten list of what I love about each of them. I framed them for my parents' Christmas gift. I kept a set for me, too. I didn't take new photos of the "big blue blob" for my brother or the blankets that I had completed earlier for my boys. On an up note, my boys were thrilled with the things that their mommy made them. Even a family friend commented that it was so nice to see kids truly appreciate someone taking the time to make something special for them. Of course, I couldn't just leave well enough alone... I had to do something with my left over yarns a couple of days before Christmas. So, I purchased a giant skein of Red Heart Super Saver worsted yarn in black to use to separate the hodge-podge of colors that I have in my left over stash. Hopefully, the black can calm it down a bit. Some of the colors are a bit loud. This is a new ripple pattern that I am trying out from the Winter 2007 issue of Crochet Today. I like how it is working out. It makes soft waves, as opposed to the sharp points on the blanket I completed for younger son. The yarn I purchased was inexpensive and since half of the blanket will be made of left overs, this is truly a frugal project. The picture above is how it looked as I was starting it. It was taken in the morning of Christmas Eve.This is how it looked this afternoon. Since I haven't felt like doing much else, I have made a bit of progress on it. I am not sure what it will become. Maybe a couch throw for home. Maybe a gift for someone. Maybe a charity piece. It hasn't told me yet :-)

On other news, I have been enjoying taking oldest son to his behavioral therapy group since I can meet my friend Kristin for coffee and commiseration. Love that part!

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