Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stick a fork in me...

I am done! Whew! I am ecstatic to report that I have finished my first ever ripple blanket for my younger son's Christmas. I was really sweating getting this one finished--it just seemed to go on forever. Actually, I had originally planned to have the stripes run across the bed, but even though I followed the pattern carefully, it seemed like the weight of the yarn kept pulling it wider and although I added stripe after stripe, it never seemed to get much longer.

Well, I put it on the bed the other night (the boys were having a sleepover with the suckers, uh, I mean grandparents) and realized that I could turn it so that the stripes run down the length of the bed and it only needed a small border to finish off. Needless to say, I went with it.

On retrospect, I like the stripes running this way; it's a bit more dramatic and different that way.

Of course, the same day, older son told me that he liked it when I made things for him and that he really wanted a homemade hat, scarf, and mittens for Christmas. NOW, he tells me this. Ugh!!!

I have enough left over yarn from the ripple to do a set for younger son, but I don't know if I have quite enough for older son's. But, I might. Maybe I could come up with a striped set so that I can use lots of different colors. At least these projects will go by faster than a bed sized blanket. God knows, I don't have enough to do.... :-)

On the kitten front, baby Delilah has been a wonderful addition to the family. We all love her to pieces. She is active and playful and loves attention. She is curled up next to me as I type this. We have laughed and laughed at her antics. Truly, she went from being an unwanted, starving little thing to a vibrant bundle of blessings for us. Love that!

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