Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay, apparently, I am allergic to my hypo allergenic eye makeup. Lovely.

After wearing it for two days, my eyes are horribly red and sore. They did itch and burn while we were outside at the events, but I thought that it was maybe from pollen.

The only thing that helps is that when I took off my eye makeup, my eyes instantly stopped itching and burning. They still hurt from being swollen and rubbed, but the constant trauma stopped immediately.

I know that I am the palest non-albino person on the planet (don't believe me, the fairest foundations only work for me about 15% of the time, the rest are too dark or orange-y), and that with my Scotch-Irish complexion comes very sensitive skin, but good grief! Allergic to the hypo allergenic stuff? Isn't that just a tad ridiculous?

So much for feeling pretty at special events. Perhaps I should just go without and try to wrinkle up quickly, that way nobody would expect me to look nice. Sigh.

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