Monday, May 25, 2009

End of the Year Frenzy...

This past week has gone by in a total blur! The 5th grade had a special dance to celebrate the end of elementary school! They all dressed up and looked absolutely fabulous. I'll post photos as soon as my hubby sends them to me.

They had more fun than I had even thought they would. They had a "dance off," a limbo contest, played air-guitar and generally had a big ol' time! We laughed so hard just watching them.

At one point a basketball game erupted, but after a few minutes, dancing ensued.

Of course, I was a little proud that DS11 won the dance off. He had to use his inhaler afterward, but he was so proud of himself.

Next week should be equally frenetic. Tuesday, Elementary Honors day and 9th grade video game party; Wednesday, Middle and High School Honors day; Thursday; Middle and High School Pool Party and graduation. Saturday morning, diploma ceremony.

In the meantime, I am cleaning my house like crazy, trying to make sure that I have a good clear path through the house for after my surgery. It's not going to be easy getting around, I am afraid. Even worse, friends and family are going to come and visit and I don't want the place to be a total dump! I don't need that kind of sympathy!!!

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