Monday, May 4, 2009

Just a little common sense, please

Just when I have made it through a couple of days without feeling like the media is trying desperately to push me right over the ol' ledge with their illogic and insanity, I find myself listening to a member of the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) give their magical pronouncement over the state of the swine flu "pandemic."

This genius calmly informed Georgians that since the gentleman in Newnan who had a confirmed case of swine flu was actually a permanent resident of Kentucky, that this particular incident of swine flu would be reported as occurring in Kentucky.

Okay. But, if the guys is down here spreading the virus all over central Georgia, wouldn't it make sense to be honest with those of us who may have come in contact with it????

I can hear it now, "Oh no, you can't be sick, that gentleman who coughed all over you is from Kentucky, so you can only be sick if you happen to be in Kentucky!" Am I the only one who finds that just a little nonsensical?

Better yet, there was a doctor interviewed who was quite angry with the CDC because when it looked like swine flu was on the rise, they quit running the lab tests that "confirm" the cases. According to the doctor, this is just for political expediency, so that the numbers stay artificially low. This doctor claimed to have 4 cases in his hospital which were clearly swine flu, but since the CDC refuses to "confirm" the cases, they won't show up in the totals.

Does this really make you think that these governmental agencies, for all of the good that they can and often do, are really looking out for you, the individual? I am not impressed. Just give me the truth.

Believe it or not, I can read and write and decide for myself.

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