Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to School Is Approaching!

Yep. It's official. School starts Tuesday for me and the following Monday for my boys. So, this weekend, it became imperative to get rid of that summer "shaggy" look and get haircuts. We had been getting hair cuts at a local barber shop because it is significantly cheaper there (and post surgery, I wasn't up to it), but hubby thought that the last two haircuts really didn't look so hot. So, I went back to doing it myself and I have got to admit that I think they both turned out looking very nice.

I am so very old school! I like hair neatly above the collar and over the ears. Definitely never hanging in the eyes. Other than that, I don't care too much. Hubby wanted DS12's hair longer in the crown but shorter everywhere else and DS11's hair to be significantly shorter around the edges but very long on the crown (he gets a rooster top-knot in his sleep) so that it will lay down.

I did find that I need to upgrade my tools if I am going to continue this (and with the present economy, it seems prudent). My clippers are really worn out and getting dull and starting to pull hair. My scissors could stand sharpening, but I don't know if cheap scissors will stand up to sharpening. Even my comb is missing lots of teeth! But, I do know that investing in quality tools and really taking care of them will save more money in the long run. Initially, I got cheaper things because I needed to see if I was capable of doing a decent haircut on wiggly boys. I also use it on myself to keep what is left of my hair from peeking out of my wigs. My tools have more than paid for themselves just with using them on myself, so I have been pleased and every haircut that I have given the boys is just a bonus.

Feels good to be a little independent of the "system" and able to do a few things for myself.

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