Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dentist and Orthodontist

Yesterday was the big trip to the dentist for the boys. They both managed to get out without cavities (thank goodness). They do need sealants applied on their 6 year molars for now and on the 12 year molars when they finish descending.

I know that the sealants will save lots of problems (like I have with my soft teeth) later. But, it is horrendously expensive, especially for those of us who don't have dental insurance. Sigh.

Today, we spent the morning with a local orthodontist who is wonderful. Ironically, the child with the prettier teeth (DS12) needs more braces and will wear them longer to correct his problems. DS11 has mangled, crowded, obviously crooked teeth and he will need much less correction ultimately. Go figure.

So, we parents made a tough choice. We start DS11 in August because he is so self-conscious about his smile that we want him to go first. DS12 isn't concerned at all and we can bump him back to December to help cash flow.

I could have bought a new to me van for what I will be spending on braces and appliances. I guess my ghetto-mobile will have to limp along for another two years, if that is even possible. Big sigh.

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