Saturday, July 25, 2009

How are you cutting back?

Around here we are trying to cut back financially as our skills allow. Here are some of the ways we are economizing.

I am giving the boys haircuts at home. They have survived. Sometimes I trim hubby between haircuts.

We are cooking more at home. Cheaper meals. Beans and rice. Lots of veggies. Soups.

I am jazzing up lunches for my fussy boys. Sandwiches are boring. The same sandwich cooked on my knock off George Foreman grill is a fancy panini. Whatever, it works.

We (okay, mostly hubby) are fixing things. My clothesline broke. My car needs work. The kids managed to rip the metal on a cabinet door hinge. These things take more time than money to remedy.

We use the clothesline and drying racks (even though the indoor racks are considered tacky). If and when I get a deck or porch, the drying racks will likely reside there most of the time.

We gathered wild blackberries to make jam when time allows.

We are watching my parent's pear trees in anticipation of free windfall pears to can.

We will use homemade jams for teacher gifts, etc.

We have cut down on the number of gifts we give. We have some friends that we don't exchange with, but spend time with around the holidays. It's a relief and a chance to catch up and enjoy each other!

We are slowly building a permanent mini-orchard. It does cost money, but it will save in the long run. We put in two blueberry bushes this year. This fall, if money allows, we will add some grapes or muscadines. We can dig up and move the wild blackberries (ouch!) to make a thicket where we can cultivate them. These plants are perennial and won't need to be replaced for years if they are cared for.

We are composting food scraps. We'll feed the compost to our blueberries and roses this year. We'll use it for additional plants as we can.

We're going to save the rose hips from our roses (they are organically grown) to supplement vitamin C during the fall and winter. Rose hip tea is lovely and very good when you have a cold (or to prevent one).

We are recycling school supplies instead of blindly buying new.

No new school clothes (except for DS12 who has changed sizes). We try and treat clothing gently so it doesn't wear out. Not always easy with boys. Stain removal is key!

I can knit and crochet so I can make some gifts. I can make some hats and scarves in school colors to sell. I can make blankets and throws. I need another blanket for my bed this winter. I can make one from scrap yarn and put it under the duvet so if it doesn't match--who cares?

I completed a quilt top and I can quilt it over the winter when it won't be so hot to have it in my lap. I can keep it or give as a gift.

Please comment and share your ideas!


Tangee said...

I love your ideas. I need to do the same here more often. Thank you for the inspiration.

Jan Hatchett said...

Tangee, thanks for stopping by!