Saturday, July 18, 2009

The clock is ticking....

for back to school. I have one more week of summer before reporting for pre-planning at the school. The boys have two. Wow.

This summer has been both very short and interminably long at the same time. Unfortunately with my surgery and injury, it has seemed like days take months. But, in spending time with the kids (and the guilt of not being able to do a whole lot with them) it has seemed far too short.

Today, hubby and I begin taking senior photos for the class of 2010. We've done an individual session, but today is the first day where we will see 4 or so back to back. So we are getting underway!

It's always exciting to see the kids all excited to be starting their senior year. It's such a time of hope and plans for the future. Sigh. Oh, to be young!

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