Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Dream of a Man

My hubby did the most wonderful thing for me tonight. He found a book on our bookshelves about fixing sewing machines. I am sure that I bought it at one point, but I am not mechanical at all.

Well, long story short, he fixed my sewing machine! He hasn't tackled the one that is horribly out of time, but maybe he will. He took my very simple straight stitch machine that wasn't making a reliable seam. I had tried every tension trick that I had ever learned (and made up a couple). He took it apart, found and solved the problem and it now works better (and much more quietly) than when it was new, even.

I pray that there is a new machine in my future so that I can continue to make my Crazy Shortcut Quilts which need some fancy stitches, but I am thrilled that I am not permanently sidelined without any machine.

What a wonderful man!

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