Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current project

Today, I feel a little like a quilter from during the great depression, cutting buttons off of shirts that are being dissembled for quilt making. Jack, the (seam) ripper makes quick work of this.

Lately, I have been gathering together some older shirts that hubby no longer wears or doesn't like, some homespun looking shirt fabrics from my Mom's stash that was intended to make shirts at one time, and a few shirts I got cheap at GoodWill in order to make a guy quilt for a Christmas gift. Here are some of the shirts.

Here are the other shirts that wouldn't fit into the picture and the homespun fabrics.

I really am getting inspired by some of the quilts that I am finding online that showcase this type of fabric. Some of my favorites are here, here, here, here, and here.

I have some Christmas gift ideas in mind and a few I would like to donate. I keep reading how there are seldom quits donated that are suitable for a man or older boy. These look like they would fit the bill nicely.

Of course, now that my boys are older, I might could make them each a bed quilt that is more "guy" friendly. Oh, so many projects and so little time! But, at least I can shop the GoodWill sales and get cheap fabric!

Life is good!


Zany Quilter said...

Oh, I love the shirts! Once you start using the shirts you will become addicted to this type of fabric! I'm not kidding...I frequently see guys out in public and comment to my family that his shirt would look nice in a Christmas quilt...or Halloween quilt, or whatever! My kids think I'm crazy. Be sure to post as you go along ;-) Oh yeah, I also did about 40 of the hot dog pillowcases for the cancer patients and LOVED the method. Why didn't I think of that? LOL....Good luck with your project!

Jan Hatchett said...

Thanks! I am getting excited about using the shirt material. I can't wait to see what it looks like! This one is for my Dad for Christmas. I am using the 7 shirts, 7 steps quilt pattern that I linked to.

I will be sure to post as I go along. I found out about 1/2 price days at the local GoodWill, so I will be checking back to get more shirts for just over $2! I can't afford to pass this up (especially in this economy!).