Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whew! It's a Wild Ride...

Life, it seems, has me over a barrel right now. At least it seems like it. Returning to homeschooling with my two boys (one gifted, one Aspie that is LD math) and a hearing impaired child of a friend (with cochlear implants, amazing technology) is keeping me busy and worried. I feel like I have been on a roller coaster until I am ready to lose the proverbial lunch!

My oldest (the Aspie) just turned 14 (how did that happen???) and suddenly his behavior and attitudes have taken a turn for the worse. He has never liked to be pushed academically (or physically, for that matter) but he will comply if pressed. Now, it is getting much more difficult to direct him and he is balking at doing even the things he is very good at. I know that it may be just part of the "teenage" thing, but it has pushed me way beyond my limits for the last two weeks (let's just say that I am not going to be eligible for "mommy of the year" any time soon). I can honestly say that I don't anticipate surviving 4 more years of this.

It's heartbreaking that just overnight, I can't seem to reach him. I'm really bummed about this.

My mom had a huge cancer scare and had major surgery. Turns out that she did have a growth in her abdomen, but it was benign (praise God!). We've been checking on her and helping out where we can, but that has messed with our schedules--and my oldest loves counting on the schedule.

Actually, Mom's surgery coincides with the beginning of this two week period where my Aspie began losing all control (minor exaggeration). It also was just before the 14th birthday. I wonder if he is upset and more volatile than usual because of him being aware that Granny is not 100% just yet and he hasn't been going over for his usual sleep overs with Granny and Grandpa.

Sure wish I could figure this one out.

Younger son is doing well. He loves the curriculum we are using (Sonlight), especially the historical fiction. This curriculum is full of amazing books! He wrote his first essay draft today and I am pretty impressed. He doesn't need me as much for a teacher, but just to keep him focused on getting the work done. He likes to learn.

Any homeschool Moms out there who can share some insight? I'm open to suggestions!


Zany Quilter said...

Well, I'm a public school middle school math teacher, and mom of an autistic child. Maybe homeschooling is what is whacking him out? Any change in routine can cause behavioral issues....maybe he misses school? Other kids? The strict routine? I don't know...I'm not knocking homeschooling, but maybe he is having trouble adjusting and it will just take a while before he starts to enjoy it! I'm sure you are busy but I hope it improves soon...Are there other homeschooling parents that you can partner with to lessen the load? Or do cooperative things? I think they have groups for that on the internet ;-) Good luck and let us know it unfolds...

Jan Hatchett said...

Hmmm. I wish that public schools were a viable option for the autistic here. I don't think he misses school because he was basically asked to leave because he stood up to a bully who had been tormenting him. I have doctor's orders to keep that child away from mine to prevent something from happening and the school didn't comply. Made for a real mess for us and the psychiatrist to sort out. He harbors a lot of pain and frustration about the school because of that.

His one close friend is also in his Boy Scout troop so he sees him often, so I don't think that is it.

I don't know if it is just the homeschooling because we started the first week of August and I am just seeing the behavior now. Maybe it's just a fluke-y kind of thing. Who knows?

It's just making me NUTS!