Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things are a bit better today...

Homeschool is running much more smoothly today. Whatever abducted my kid and left me to deal with a horrible mess seems to have returned to the mother ship.

I even got him to write his first 5 paragraph essay and it ain't half bad! I typed it for him, but it is all his work.

Maybe venting about it made the worst of it go away. I sure hope so.

You might not, because that likely means far more venting in my future-LOL!

After school, I have to make a few work phone calls and then I hope to sew for an hour or so. I decided to start sewing on the quilt that I am giving my Dad for Christmas (glad he doesn't read the blog). The top is all cut out and it will feel productive to get it pulled together. My Mom's Christmas quilt is all done except for binding, so I am ahead of the game on that one (glad she isn't a blog reader, too). Still mulling over a nice (frugal) crafty gift idea (matching hand towels and dish cloths maybe?)for others this Christmas. But, I have time. I have to get the baby quilt together first.

Amanda Jean's filmstrip quilt on is looking pretty good too. I could just alternate shirting fabbies with some white or unbleached muslin. Hmmm. Too many choices. But, it is fun to ponder!

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