Thursday, September 23, 2010

Off the Deep End?

Maybe. This idea just might be totally off the deep end...

When my mom had surgery recently, she asked family members to be my FaceBook friends so that I could update them from my phone and get information out quickly without making a bazillion phone calls. So, many of them did. And they were updated.

Today, I mentioned quilting in a message and I got a reply from a family member. Not anyone I am close to, but a great aunt that I have met one or two times. She is a quilter.

Who knew??? Well, actually my mom knew but forgot to mention it. But, I love that! She and her hubby travel lots in a motor home and she takes projects along to work on. Love that, too!

By hand. Now, I like to quilt by hand. I am still a beginner but the process is awesome and relaxing. But, piecing by hand? I don't know about that one! I don't have great manual dexterity at all. Mom was thrilled when I learned to type and quilt by hand--I never could embroider or anything else. But, a rocking stitch slowly came to me. Somehow.

So, now I am almost tempted to hand piece a little something. You know, just to see if I could. Maybe my hand stitching would be less cantankerous than my slowly dying machine. It would be frugal. It would be slow. It might be fun. It might be harder than it looks. It might fall apart the first time I wash it.

Hubby thinks it is a swell idea.

Of course, I think that he wants off the hook to buy a new machine-LOL! Truth be told, he really isn't, but money is surely tight around here lately and we have other things that need to be replaced also.

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