Monday, September 27, 2010

I see stars....

Sawtooth stars, actually. Somewhere, I have seen a tutorial or pattern for a Sawtooth Star pattern in around 14 to 15 inches square. I think that 4 of these blocks would be lovely for my baby quilt that I am working on. The mom-to-be wanted navy blue, primarily, but said I could add lighter blues and beige/cream/tan. So...

After much searching and gnashing of teeth, I decided that I could do a Sawtooth Star quilt that would look very planned and nice using a nice, light tan for the block background, light blue for the block centers and navy for the star points, and borders. Maybe a thin, tan background around the blocks before the navy. I wouldn't want the star points to get lost. I also have enough fabric from thrifted shirts to make this an economical project, even if I did have to pick up another shirt or two in the right colors. Right now, economics is playing a very heavy handed role in my decision making. Since we turned the satellite dish off, we are watching movies of an evening (we watched Henry V with Kenneth Brannaugh last night) or listening to the radio. Either way, some handwork makes me happy while I watch or listen.

Anyway, I figure that the whole thing could finish out at round 36 inches square, which isn't a bad baby size quilt.

I am also planning to make a real quilt label this time and not just write on the backing with a permanent pigma pen! Ha! I am so fancy--he! This baby will come into the world in style. I don't know that this baby has any members of his family with "Granny" skills, so I came to the rescue.

Actually, the mom-to-be is a former student who I dearly love! Even if she would have received quilts from every person in her family, I still would have made one.

Gotta finish up the logistics, since I may be piecing this one by hand--yikes! Not my first choice, but I think I can pull it off. Wednesday (payday) I am off to The Gardener's Quilts in Jackson to get some 1/4 inch quilters tape and some straw needles so that I can begin.

I love having a project that is ongoing, so I am pleased to have made a decision on this one. Of course, I still have my brown log cabin to hand quilt and I will start that one right after.

But, first priority is that I really can't wait to get my hands on that baby! How am I ever going to wait until late December??? Good grief. If I can't wait, how must she and her Mom feel?

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