Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little bit of progress

Well, if my computer and blogger could agree how to proceed with a photo, this is where I would show you some vintage sheet charm squares (from my swap) that I hand pieced into pairs last night.

I have to admit that it went better than expected.  I am still trying to figure out which of my thimbles work best for this.  My good thimble (Roxanne) doesn't seem to work well for this, but it is a dream when I am hand quilting.

I pinned up a bunch more squares to practice on.  I will start joining them into 4 patches when I get them all done.  I figure that I can't do much of anything yet on a "real" project until a) payday comes  (I need straw needles and maybe some 1/4 inch tape) and b) I know if I can pull this off well enough to even bother with something that is for a gift.

So, I will keep on with it.  It isn't difficult so far and I enjoy having some hand work to do when I am just sitting.  At best, I will eventually have a vintage sheet quilt for summertime.  Love that idea.  At worst, I will have a wall hanging for spring and summer for view when you enter my front door.

If I can get photos to post later, I will.

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