Monday, November 12, 2007

Out of Touch!

I wish I could relay that all has been quiet here in the Deep South and that is why I haven't posted much recently. But, life has been coming at us fast and furious here and the splatter factor is off the charts!

First off, we have had our first round a stomach viruses for the year. First my youngest got it, then my oldest, and then, of course, good ol' Mom gets a whopper of a case of it and has to take 2 days off from work. I hate being out of work because it seems like everything goes completely nuts in my classroom and it takes days to get it all back in sync.

My parents, took my boys to Albany, GA to see the new animal park and aquarium. They had the time of their little lives! My parents looked a little worse for wear, but the boys were happy!

I have been concerned about getting Christmas together this year and have prayed about it. Lo, and behold, I wandered into a warehouse sale that I hadn't even heard about and found wonderful deals. I think I am largely through with Christmas for everyone except hubby and my kiddos. It's a wonderful relief.

On the crafting front, I have completed a scarf and hat for my niece. I have made another niece a hat and still have to do a matching scarf. I have purchased yarn on closeout ($1 a skein at Dollar Tree) to make two scarves for two cousins who are Florida State fans.

I am working on a mega-granny square blanket in deep, jewel tones that hopefully will become a bedspread or blanket for my oldest son's twin bed. In order to give it to him for Christmas, I will have to make one in random green tones for his younger brother. We'll see if I can do it in time without re-awakening the tendonitis curse that I developed from obsessive knitting a few years back. Ridiculous, I know, but I have an awesome knitting tension now. It was worth it!

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