Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho

it's back to school we go... We have dearly enjoyed taking a break from it all, even though we spent a fair portion of it sick. It definitely put the emphasis on the break back on home and family--as opposed to running and doing and going. I wasn't rushing to clean closets or anything else.

We rested. We talked. We watched lots of movies. We survived medical issues. It was good.

I don't really mind going back; I just know that I will have a very busy week and will be rushed to make sure that all is taken care of for the end of the semester. I will hit the ground running with lesson plans, reviews for finals, writing finals, grading finals, putting in grades, etc. It will feel great when I get this stuff done, but it's always a harried time until it is over.

As far as fun stuff, I finished another afghan. It's a gift for a niece (probably for next Christmas). I can't believe I am able to do these so quickly. It is also a nice bit of therapy at the end of one of those two steps forward, three steps back kind of days. I have enjoyed it.

I am amazed at how much faster I am with crochet than I am with knitting, especially since I have been knitting for a couple of years longer than I have been crocheting.

I did go to Michael's this weekend and stumbled into the end of a wonderful yarn sale. I am becoming such a "yarn ho!" I was able to pick up some nicer yarns to work with than I would normally not buy. It's almost overwhelming to try and pick out the "perfect" yarn to work with on a good day. On codeine cough syrup, I wanted to stand in the aisle and cry because I couldn't wrap my head around things well enough. Not to mention the stress that comes from two boys who think they are helping and a hubby that is frustrated with the boys and that I am coming apart over yarn selections.

But, oh well. I feel like a round ripple afghan is in my future. I can't wait.


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