Friday, January 11, 2008

Starghan revisited...

Well, after the first star that ended up being oddly amoeba-like. I started one with another similar pattern that had a different method of ending each round. This method seems to like me better. Above is a picture that I took on Wednesday.
After being very ill on Thursday, I resumed work on it today and this is what is looks like as of this evening. Each blade of the star is 16 inches from the center. I honestly don't know how big it will end up being. I have 3 different colors in each of the two bands and 3 more colors in the second band. I have 3 colors remaining that I haven't used. If I need additional bands, I guess I will take 1 color from each of the previous bands and repeat it in each subsequent band so that it is still unique. The colors aren't showing true in the pictures, but the first band is purple, lime green, and rust. The second band is mustard, medium rose, and dusty blue. The third band will be olive green, antique rose, and colonial blue.

The decrease lines are kind of crooked, but hey, it's actually star shaped this time and I am thrilled!!!

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