Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Starghan take 2

Okay, something about me and the first pattern I tried just didn't seem to understand each other. I ended up with a wonky mess and not a star. For the record, I don't think that it was the pattern, as I have seen several gorgeous examples on the web and blogs that used the same pattern and don't mention corrections.

So, while it was a bummer, I set off in search of another pattern that would perhaps, like me better. I think I have found one. If it works out, I will post a link.

The worst part is that I had actually made fair progress on the first one and I loved the colors together. It was also the first time I have used Caron's Super Soft yarn and it is unbelievably nice to work with and not too terribly expensive. For color, I am adding in random stripes (in groups of 3 is the plan) of Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn that I got on sale. I do love the colors of that yarn, if not the full retail price.

If it works, it will be absolutely gorgeous. I'd also like to do a round ripple afghan in the near future. I am loving this!

I have two colleagues that are getting married this summer (not to each other) and I'd love to make each of them a white or off-white throw to cuddle under. Remember back in the day when cuddling was a priority??? Ah, good times. Good times.

Plus, another colleague is leaving us to go to law school next year (full scholarship, no less--you GO girl!). I'd like to make her a prayer shawl or throw to take with her. I've really enjoyed getting to know her this year.

Plus, there are family gifts for next Christmas. Plus, there is always project Linus. One of my students asked me to teach her to crochet. I'm tickled about that one. Sounds like fun to me.

Additionally, my big extra-curricular project for this year is preparing students for the American Legion Oratorical Contest. However, my little contestants are dropping like flies (it's embarrasing, actually), so I may not have to continue with this much longer. Which will give me more time to crochet and work with my little crafty kids. Hmm. Maybe things will be picking up.

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