Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Washing Machine

Wow! Lots has happened since my last post. One of the most bothersome is that my washing machine died a horrible death (definition of horrible death, cracking the motor housing and spewing grease into my load of otherwise clean, white clothes--it if hadn't died at that point, I would have killed it!). It was only 7 years old, which shouldn't be the end of a large appliance, but it was.

Hubby worked on it and tried to get it apart to fix it (he is handy, thank goodness), but with his work schedule and the photo stuff, he doesn't have loads of time to fix it. Eventually, even after my brother (home from college) and he worked on it, it was clear that the design was faulty and that fixing it would require more than the machine was worth. So, off I went in search of another washer.

Graduation was coming, with honors days and all of the things that we dress up for and I can't even wash our nice clothes! Ugh! So, off we go to try and get a good deal on a new washer and definitely not a Whirlpool like this last one. Eventually, I catch the very last day of a Memorial Day sale and get a killer deal on an Admiral, which is made by Maytag.

The catch is that they have sold so many appliances during this sale at Home Depot that they weren't able to deliver it until today. And while I am ever so grateful to have it (I have my first load in it right now), I am terribly backlogged with laundry! It has been just over 3 weeks since my washer did it's last load. My mom has let us use her machine and we went to the laundry mat once, but good grief, with two boys, it's laundry city around here!

So, today is catch up day for laundry and I praise God that I can do it!

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