Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another frugal find!

Every year, we are inundated with Maypop vines in our yard. I have seen them in the past and they really have the most interesting looking flowers, but I don't need them all over the place. However, hubby loves that they attract butterflies, etc. and doesn't want to touch them. I usually can't wait for them to quit blooming so I can pull them off of our shrubs, etc.

But, now I have learned that they set an edible fruit that can be used to make jellies, etc. What a windfall! Now, I am hoping and praying that I get enough fruit to try a batch or two. Like my volunteer blackberries, this is another free item that I can use to make inexpensive Christmas gifts and to use in my own home to help keep expenses down in these hideous economic times.

I am excited about them now~

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