Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween, Daylight Savings, etc.

Hope this finds everyone well today, whether you celebrate Halloween or not. Lately, as the kids have grown older, it isn't much of a celebration anymore. DS11 is at a spend the night party tonight. DS13 and hubby are watching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (with Spencer Tracy) on t.v.

It just isn't the fun, carefree, harmless fun that I remember as a kid. It's so much harder to be trusting in the world today. Bummer.

So far, the best part of the holiday is that I get to set my clocks back by 1 hour tonight and I will surely enjoy the extra sleep! This is also the weekend to change the batteries in your smoke alarms.

Overall a pretty down weekend around here. I am working on my quilt as time allows and I have brought home lots of grading also. Need to get started on the planning for the Boy Scout stuff that I have gotten myself into. Sigh.

DS13 has had a particularly rough weekend. His emotions are all over the place. He is depressed. He is upset. He is taking it out on everyone. Not a lot of fun.

Oh well. Life goes on, I guess.

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